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* linux/drivers/video/riva/encoder.h - Xbox driver for encoder chip
 * Maintainer: Oliver Schwartz <Oliver.Schwartz@gmx.de>
 * Contributors:
 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.
 * Known bugs and issues:
 *      none
#define NUM_SEQ_REGS            0x05
#define NUM_CRT_REGS            0x41
#define NUM_GRC_REGS            0x09
#define NUM_ATC_REGS            0x15

#define NUM_CONEXANT_REGS       0x69
#define MAX_ENCODER_REGS        256

#define u8 unsigned char 
#define U032 long
#ifndef encoder_h
#define encoder_h

//#include <linux/xboxfbctl.h>
#include "VideoInitialization.h"

typedef struct {
      double m_dHzBurstFrequency;
      double m_dSecBurstStart;
      double m_dSecBurstEnd;
      double m_dSecHsyncWidth;
      double m_dSecHsyncPeriod;
      double m_dSecActiveBegin;
      double m_dSecImageCentre;
      double m_dSecBlankBeginToHsync;
      unsigned int m_dwALO;
      double m_TotalLinesOut;
      double m_dSecHsyncToBlankEnd;
} conexant_video_parameter;

typedef struct _xbox_video_mode {
      int xres;
      int yres;
      int bpp;
      double hoc;
      double voc;
      xbox_av_type av_type;
      xbox_tv_encoding tv_encoding;
} xbox_video_mode;

typedef struct _riva_hw_state
      U032 bpp;
        U032 width;
            U032 height;
        U032 repaint0;
            U032 repaint1;
            U032 screen;
        U032 pixel;
        U032 horiz;
            U032 arbitration0;
            U032 arbitration1;
            U032 vpll;
            U032 pllsel;
            U032 general;
            U032 config;
            U032 cursor0;
            U032 cursor1;
            U032 cursor2;
            U032 offset0;
      U032 offset1;
            U032 offset2;
      U032 offset3;
            U032 pitch0;
            U032 pitch1;
            U032 pitch2;
            U032 pitch3;
//#ifdef CONFIG_XBOX
            U032 fb_start;
            U032 vend;
            U032 vtotal;
            U032 vcrtc;
            U032 vsyncstart;
            U032 vsyncend;
            U032 vvalidstart;
            U032 vvalidend;
      U032 hend;
            U032 htotal;
            U032 hcrtc;
      U032 hsyncstart;
      U032 hsyncend;
      U032 hvalidstart;
            U032 hvalidend;
            U032 crtchdispend;
        U032 crtcvstart;
            U032 crtcvtotal;
      U032 checksum;

struct riva_regs {
            u8 attr[NUM_ATC_REGS];
            u8 crtc[NUM_CRT_REGS];
            u8 gra[NUM_GRC_REGS];
            u8 seq[NUM_SEQ_REGS];
            u8 misc_output;
            RIVA_HW_STATE ext;
      void *encoder_regs;

typedef enum enumEncoderType {
} xbox_encoder_type;

/*static const conexant_video_parameter vidstda[];

int tv_init(void);
void tv_exit(void);
xbox_encoder_type tv_get_video_encoder(void);

void tv_save_mode(unsigned char * mode_out);
void tv_load_mode(unsigned char * mode);
xbox_tv_encoding get_tv_encoding(void);
xbox_av_type detect_av_type(void);

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