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// XBE stuff
// Not used in any exported kernel calls, but still useful.

// XBE header information
typedef struct _XBE_HEADER {
      // 000 "XBEH"
      char Magic[4];
      // 004 RSA digital signature of the entire header area
      unsigned char HeaderSignature[256];
      // 104 Base address of XBE image (must be 0x00010000?)
      void* BaseAddress;
      // 108 Size of all headers combined - other headers must be within this
      unsigned int HeaderSize;
      // 10C Size of entire image
      unsigned int ImageSize;
      // 110 Size of this header (always 0x178?)
      unsigned int XbeHeaderSize;
      // 114 Image timestamp - unknown format
      unsigned int Timestamp;
      // 118 Pointer to certificate data (must be within HeaderSize)
      struct _XBE_CERTIFICATE *Certificate;
      // 11C Number of sections
      int NumSections;
      // 120 Pointer to section headers (must be within HeaderSize)
      struct _XBE_SECTION *Sections;
      // 124 Initialization flags
      unsigned int InitFlags;
      // 128 Entry point (XOR'd; see xboxhacker.net)
      void* EntryPoint;
      // 12C Pointer to TLS directory
      struct _XBE_TLS_DIRECTORY *TlsDirectory;
      // 130 Stack commit size
      unsigned int StackCommit;
      // 134 Heap reserve size
      unsigned int HeapReserve;
      // 138 Heap commit size
      unsigned int HeapCommit;
      // 13C PE base address (?)
      void* PeBaseAddress;
      // 140 PE image size (?)
      unsigned int PeImageSize;
      // 144 PE checksum (?)
      unsigned int PeChecksum;
      // 148 PE timestamp (?)
      unsigned int PeTimestamp;
      // 14C PC path and filename to EXE file from which XBE is derived
      char* PcExePath;
      // 150 PC filename (last part of PcExePath) from which XBE is derived
      char* PcExeFilename;
      // 154 PC filename (Unicode version of PcExeFilename)
      void* PcExeFilenameUnicode;
      // 158 Pointer to kernel thunk table (XOR'd; EFB1F152 debug)
      unsigned int *KernelThunkTable;
      // 15C Non-kernel import table (debug only)
      void* DebugImportTable;
      // 160 Number of library headers
      unsigned int NumLibraries;
      // 164 Pointer to library headers
      struct _XBE_LIBRARY *Libraries;
      // 168 Pointer to kernel library header
      struct _XBE_LIBRARY *KernelLibrary;
      // 16C Pointer to XAPI library
      struct _XBE_LIBRARY *XapiLibrary;
      // 170 Pointer to logo bitmap (NULL = use default of Microsoft)
      void* LogoBitmap;
      // 174 Size of logo bitmap
      unsigned int LogoBitmapSize;
      // 178

// Certificate structure
typedef struct _XBE_CERTIFICATE {
      // 000 Size of certificate
      unsigned int Size;
      // 004 Certificate timestamp (unknown format)
      unsigned int Timestamp;
      // 008 Title ID
      unsigned int TitleId;
      // 00C Name of the game (Unicode)
      short TitleName[40];
      // 05C Alternate title ID's (0-terminated)
      unsigned int AlternateTitleIds[16];
      // 09C Allowed media types - 1 bit match between XBE and media = boots
      unsigned int MediaTypes;
      // 0A0 Allowed game regions - 1 bit match between this and XBOX = boots
      unsigned int GameRegion;
      // 0A4 Allowed game ratings - 1 bit match between this and XBOX = boots
      unsigned int GameRating;
      // 0A8 Disk number (?)
      unsigned int DiskNumber;
      // 0AC Version (?)
      unsigned int Version;
      // 0B0 LAN key for this game
      unsigned char LanKey[16];
      // 0C0 Signature key for this game
      unsigned char SignatureKey[16];
      // 0D0 Signature keys for the alternate title ID's
      unsigned char AlternateSignatureKeys[16][16];
      // 1D0

// Section headers
typedef struct _XBE_SECTION {
      // 000 Flags
      unsigned int Flags;
      // 004 Virtual address (where this section loads in RAM)
      void* VirtualAddress;
      // 008 Virtual size (size of section in RAM; after FileSize it's 00'd)
      unsigned int VirtualSize;
      // 00C File address (where in the file from which this section comes)
      unsigned int FileAddress;
      // 010 File size (size of the section in the XBE file)
      unsigned int FileSize;
      // 014 Pointer to section name
      char* SectionName;
      // 018 Section reference count - when >= 1, section is loaded
      int SectionReferenceCount;
      // 01C Pointer to head shared page reference count
      short *HeadReferenceCount;
      // 020 Pointer to tail shared page reference count
      short *TailReferenceCount;
      // 024 SHA hash.  Hash int containing FileSize, then hash section.
      int ShaHash[5];
      // 038

// TLS directory information
typedef struct _XBE_TLS {
        // 000 raw data start address
        int RawStart;
        // 004 raw data end address
        int RawEnd;
        // 008 TLS index address
        int TlsIndex;
        // 00C TLS callbacks address
        int TlsCallbacks;
        // 010 size of zero fill
        int SizeZeroFill;
        // 014 Characteristics
        unsigned char Characteristics[8];
        // 01C

// Library version data
typedef struct _XBE_LIBRARY {
    // 000 Library Name
    unsigned char Name[8];
    // 008 Major Version
    short MajorVersion;
    // 00A Middle Version
    short MiddleVersion;
    // 00C Minor Version
    short MinorVersion;
    // 00E Flags
    short Flags;
    // 010

// Initialization flags
#define XBE_INIT_MOUNT_UTILITY          0x00000001
#define XBE_INIT_FORMAT_UTILITY         0x00000002
#define XBE_INIT_64M_RAM_ONLY           0x00000004
#define XBE_INIT_DONT_SETUP_HDD         0x00000008

// Region codes
#define XBE_REGION_US_CANADA            0x00000001
#define XBE_REGION_JAPAN                0x00000002
#define XBE_REGION_ELSEWHERE            0x00000004
#define XBE_REGION_DEBUG                0x80000000

// Media types
#define XBE_MEDIA_HDD                   0x00000001
#define XBE_MEDIA_XBOX_DVD              0x00000002
#define XBE_MEDIA_ANY_CD_OR_DVD         0x00000004
#define XBE_MEDIA_CD                    0x00000008
#define XBE_MEDIA_1LAYER_DVDROM         0x00000010
#define XBE_MEDIA_2LAYER_DVDROM         0x00000020
#define XBE_MEDIA_1LAYER_DVDR           0x00000040
#define XBE_MEDIA_2LAYER_DVDR           0x00000080
#define XBE_MEDIA_USB                   0x00000100
#define XBE_MEDIA_ALLOW_UNLOCKED_HDD    0x40000000

// Section flags
#define XBE_SEC_WRITABLE                0x00000001
#define XBE_SEC_PRELOAD                 0x00000002
#define XBE_SEC_EXECUTABLE              0x00000004
#define XBE_SEC_INSERTED_FILE           0x00000008
#define XBE_SEC_RO_HEAD_PAGE            0x00000010
#define XBE_SEC_RO_TAIL_PAGE            0x00000020

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